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"More than hundreds of MSMEs, communities and government institutions have trusted us to produce custom mascot clown costumes with their own designs for events, socialization, promotions and branding purposes."

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What is a mascot costume?

According to WikiPedia, a mascot clown costume is a costume made by a company to make their mascot/company logo real to the public. These costumes are often used for brand socialization, company promotions, exhibitions, or increasing a team's brand awareness in a sporting event. Because it will be used by humans, the design must adjust the proportions of the human body.

How is it different from a clown suit?

Just the same. It's just the name sometimes nowadays people prefer to call it a clown suit or a clown costume. This clown suit is all-size, which means that it is proportionally worn by adults whose height is generally 170-190cm. For the design, it can also be taken from the mascot doll which is first adjusted to the proportions of the human body.

Your Marketing and Outreach Success Is Our Mission

Marketing a brand or product is something that is challenging for a company. In fact, conveying the message of socialization is sometimes still difficult to achieve for an agency that is widely known by the public. We are here to help with producing mascot costumes to help your event marketing success!

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The Quality of The Material

To satisfy our clients, we only use the #1 quality fabrics in the market. This fabric is not hot and soft. Starting from the type of velboa (doll), drill to lotto in various colors to get results that are similar to the original design.

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Fast Results

In our process up to now, we have several times found our clients are in a hurry because the costumes will be worn soon, for example within 2 weeks after the down payment. Therefore, we optimize the production speed to only take 10 days (Sundays off).*

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Free Bonus Head Fan & Mask

Performers (wearers) costumes must be very easy to sweat due to the warm temperature inside the mask. We care about that! As well as taking part in our efforts to fight COVID-19, it is also necessary to promote the use of masks for your mascot when performing. Therefore, if possible, we give a bonus exhaust head fan & mask (free).

Mascot Costume

RS Lira Medika
Oppa Bowl
Burger Bangor
Unilabs Co
Oku Raya
Bogor GerCep
Roti Kapiten
Kedai Cat Karman


panduan tubuh manusia yang proporsional
contoh desain maskot yang tidak proporsional dengan tubuh manusiacontoh desain maskot yang tidak proporsional dengan tubuh manusia
  • Upload the design that already proportioned to human body.
  • Resize, Drag & Rotate design if needed.
  • Use background removal like removebg www.remove.bg
  • File must be in .png
  • Send the screenshot of the design that already proportioned to us.


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