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More than hundreds of MSMEs, startups, communities and government institutions trusted us in manufacturing their custom mascot costumes for events, promotions to branding purposes.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Fabrics Used?

We are using velboa (doll), drill, lotto and rasfur fabrics which comes in various colors to achieve similar results to the concept design.

And also we have a special layer called furing to asborbing sweat optimally.

What Colors Are Available?
Velboa fabric available colors
Available basic colors of velboa fabrics.

For special color request, please ask us first so we can check the requested color's availability.

How Long Does It Takes?

Basically, first it depends on the queues. You are able to check the actual queues of all running orders by clicking on WORK IN PROGRESS text below INDOMASCOT logo above.

Second, the availability of fabric stock market. Third, the complexity of design. Generally, it takes 2 weeks per unit (Sunday is off) after we received the down payment.

I Like Bonus. Do You Provide One?

The performer must be sweating very easily due to the warm temperature inside the mask. This indirectly results in performers experiencing fatigue quickly.

Therefore, we provide a bonus exhaust head fan to help circulate the mask more smoothly (free).

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Proportional Human Body Guide
mascot design passed proportional human body samplemascot design not passed proportional human body sample
  • Prepare the mascot design that already Proportioned.
  • Please use Upload Design 
  • Resize, Drag & Rotate after upload if needed.
  • Screenshot and send it to us.